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Linux DD

Plug the USB Drive to PC , and check the disk:fdisk –l Assumtion : USB Disk at /dev/sdb Unmount the USBumount /dev/sdb*   Format the drivemkfs.vfat /dev/sdb –I DD the Image from ISO to USD Pendrive dd...

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Setting Up eVOX FXO and eVOX PBX

To setup connection from eVOX PBX and eVOX FXO (4 or 8 port) At eVOX PBX 1)Create SIP trunk Outbound setting type=peer qualify=yes port=5060 insecure=port,invite host= dtmfmode=inband context=from-pstn Inbound Setting type=peer...

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Ubuntu freeze at swap

New Ubunt 14.04 Freeze at Swap. It is doing this because Ubuntu is trying to switch to a high resolution video mode for the console and your hardware isn’t cooperating. Fixing this while at the machine When Grub2 shows up:...

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Asterisk TDM Gain Level – tx and rx

To adjust the voice gain level, tx or rx : at Dahdi config : /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf txgain : Increase for outgoing audio. Default 0. rxgain : Increase for incoming audio. Default 0. After done, restart asterisk to make it...

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Checking SSD Health

To check SSD health, need to install smartertools At Ubuntu or similar Distro (CentOS please use yum) #apt-get install smartmontools Check the Media_Wearout_Indicator # smartctl -a /dev/sda | grep Media_Wearout_Indicator To show...

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What is PVID in Cisco

PVID = Port Vlan ID PVID (Port VLAN ID) is a default VLAN id assigned to frames coming to the port Example 1. interface fa0/1   switchport mode access   switchport access vlan 10   switchport voice vlan 20   switchport trunk...

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eVOX PBX connecting to E1-GW

To interconnect e1 Gateway (or any SIPGW) to eVOX-PBX (or other PBX , like FreePBX, concept is the same): There is two method: First Method : E1-GW sign in to IPPBX.  To use this method, create an Dummy Extension at IPPBX, and...

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