OpenVZ is container based virtualization for Linux.  Following is frequently used command :
1. List all Running VPS node


2. List all Running and Stopped VPS node

#vzlist -a

3. To start VPS

 #vzctl start CTID

4.To stop or shutdown VPS

 #vzctl stop CTID

5. To view status of VPS

 #vzctl status CTID

6.To enter into VPS Console

 #vzctl enter CTID

7.To set VPS Hostname from OpenVZ Host

 #vzctl set CTID --hostname New_hostname --save

8.To Add IP to VPS

 # vzctl set CTID --ipadd xx.xx.xx.xx --save

9.To Delete IP to VPS

 #vzctl set CTID --ipdel xx.xx.xx.xx --save

10.Reset VPS Root Password

 #vzctl set CTID --userpasswd root:new_password --save

11.To set Nameserver to VPS

 #vzctl set CTID --nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx --save

12.To Delete Container

 #vzctl destroy CTID

13.To suspend Container

 #vzctl suspend CTID

Happy using OpenVZ !