To Pickup call that know the extension –
Just press ** + ringging ext

To Pickup call that do know know the extension, callgroup and pickup group will be use –

Following is clarification of callgroup and pickup group-
CallGroup – Category of a inbound call to specific extension. For example, Sales Department has callgroup 1 ; while Technical Department has callgroup 2

PickupGroup – Pickupgroup at extension is define which callgroup an inbound call can the extension can pickup. For example, the senario above, an extension that has pickupgroup 1, can only pickup call destinated to extension Sales Department, while pickupgroup 2 can only pickup call to extension Technical Department. While extension with PickupGroup 1,2 can pickup call destinate to both Sales and Technical Department.

Thus, usually, Receptionist have pickup group 1,2 ; while collegue in Technical Department have pickupgroup 2 and collegue in Sales Department has pickup group 1. And it give senario of Receptionist can pickup call from both department , which each individual department collegue can only pick up call from within same department only.

Pickup call with this method , by default is dial *8 , this default value can be change at FreePBX’s “Feature Codes” under Core Section.